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Medical Grade

Ultra-Pure Lanolin from Sheep

Lanolin is a key ingredient in Doc Lindell’s Lip Balm, and we only use odorless, medical-grade lanolin that meets strict purification standards. Lanolin is a thick, oil-like substance that comes from the wool of sheep. Similar to a hair cut, sheep are not harmed in the wool-shearing process, and new fibers grow back in just a few weeks.

Shorn wool is boiled, naturally extracting the lanolin, which is then filtered and purified to remove all dirt and other foreign particles. The result is an ultra-pure, medical grade lanolin that is safe to ingest, even for newborn babies. Lanolin has been used by nursing mothers for centuries to protect and aid in healing of raw, chapped skin from feeding.

Why not organic? In most cases, an ingredient that is organic is the most desirable; however, lanolin is one case where the raw product is totally unsuitable. Lanolin’s natural role is to protect a sheep’s fleece and skin. Since it is sticky, lanolin easily picks up dirt, grass and other debris from the sheep’s habitat. It can even absorb particles from the air. Therefore thorough filtering and cleansing of the lanolin is essential. While the ultra-pure lanolin we use is no longer “organic,” in this case we think you’ll agree that it is clearly the better option.

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